What Is Concerta?

Concerta is a medication that can be effective if it is used as directed. However, this same drug can be dangerous and addictive if it is misused. Recent years have witnessed a rise in drug abuse as many people are using drugs improperly. Research shows that over 15 million Americans are abusing prescription drugs for a number of reasons. Concerta is a prescription drug intended to be used in the treatment of ADD or ADHD symptoms.

Concerta is a stimulant drug that can be habit-forming, especially when it is taken in larger doses than the recommended dosage. This drug is also known as ‘uppers’ and ‘beanies’. These are the street names this drug has been given owing to its capacity for producing a ‘high’, which is the main reason for its abuse. This stimulant is known to increase attention, alertness and energy.

What Is Concerta?

Abuse of Concerta can have very adverse effects on the body. The aftermath of abusing this drug is high blood pressure, increased heart rate and high pulse rate. Some people have abused this drug as a way of losing weight. To some users, weight loss is a side effect of using this drug. This is due to the active ingredient available in this drug known as methylphenidate.

Concerta abuse is common among college and university students who use it as a study aid. It is a common drug in these institutions especially when exams approach. Many students have the perception that using this drug can help them perform better in their exams and this is what drives most of them to start abusing this drug.

Many people wonder how Concerta is abused. There are a number of ways through which this drug is abused. Some people use it as it is supposed to be taken i.e. orally through the mouth, while others inject, smoke or snort Concerta. These are the major ways through which this drug is illegally introduced into the body. Whichever the method employed, abuse of this drug can be dangerous and can have damaging effects which may affect your long-term physical and psychological well-being.

Concerta abuse is on the rise in many areas of the world, due to the ready availability of this drug on the market. It is not difficult to find ways of obtaining it illegally. There are a number of online pharmacies that have promoted the abuse of this drug, as many of these pharmacies have no restrictions on who is supposed to buy it.

Concerta abuse is known to have a number of side effects on the body. Regular use can lead to suppressed appetite, making the user feel dizzy and tired. Attempts to stop taking the drug may result in depression among some users. Long-term abuse of this drug may lead to addiction.

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