Concerta Abuse Withdrawal

Concerta is a prescription drug that was specifically manufactured to help people who are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD or ADHD sufferers frequently have difficulty paying attention to what they are doing. They lack the ability to focus, hence require medication to increase their ability to concentrate. If this drug is used as directed by a medical doctor, it has no side effects. However, when it is obtained illegally and abused by recreational users, its improper use can lead to dependence and eventually, addiction.

Prolonged abuse of this drug can have damaging effects on the body. Abruptly stopping use of Concerta after long-term use can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be severe while others are mild. What determines the intensity of these symptoms is the gravity of abuse.

Concerta Abuse Withdrawal

The major symptoms of Concerta abuse withdrawal will include changes in heart rhythm, depression and fatigue. Concerta is a drug that is prescribed to treat ADHD or ADD. It is a legally licensed drug that is readily available in pharmacies to those with a prescription. If this drug is used out of its proper medical context, it can be very addictive. The main abusers of Concerta are teenagers and young adults, particularly those in colleges and universities who use this drug as a study aid. They may introduce this drug into their bodies through injection, snorting or smoking. Abusers often crush the tablets before using the powder. Some will mix it with cocaine and snort it, while others smoke it together with illicit substances like marijuana. There are also others who mix the powder with water and then inject it into the body.

Once an abuser has developed a dependency, they are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop taking the drug. These symptoms can be uncomfortable and the addicted user will need to be strongly motivated to stop abusing the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can prompt some people to continue using the drug, rather than experience the discomfort associated with stopping its use. Some of these symptoms can be so severe that abusers find themselves relapsing into regular use of the drug.

Many former addicts who have succeeded in overcoming Concerta addiction have complained of extreme fatigue. This is because the body lacks the stimulant. When Concerta gets into the body, it acts as a stimulant to provide feelings of euphoria. In the absence of this drug, the body may feel weak and tired. Another withdrawal symptom is depression. This symptom can be severe, and in extreme cases, the addicted user may find themselves contemplating suicide. To cope with depression, users need to be strong and have support.

Some people who want to quit Concerta abuse experience changes in heart rhythm and high blood pressure. These can potentially be life-threatening symptoms. Pregnant women should avoid using this drug at all costs as it can produce withdrawal symptoms in newborns. If you are pregnant, it is advisable to consult health care providers before using this drug.

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