Concerta Abuse Symptoms

Concerta is a medication that is prescribed for people who are suffering from ADHD or ADD disorder. It is a common drug that is used by learners who are unable to concentrate in class. It helps them to concentrate, focus in their studies and read with ease. This is also a common drug in the black market where it easily gets into the hands of teenagers and young adults. It is a powerfully addictive substance that should not be used as a recreational drug.

Concerta contains amphetamines which is a very addictive component. This is a stimulant which has effects similar to those of cocaine. If taken in large quantities, Concerta acts on the central nervous system providing users with a feeling of euphoria, and it is this effect that abusers seek. Most Concerta abusers take this drug by snorting, smoking or injecting it into the body.

Concerta Abuse Symptoms

If Concerta is used as directed by a physician, it is unlikely to produce any unpleasant side effects or result in addiction. However, when abused, Concerta can have very damaging effects on the body. The first damaging effect is addiction, which is a clear sign that your body is becoming accustomed to this substance. When you are addicted it becomes difficult to perform daily activities without the stimulation that this substance provides. With continued use, an addicted user will require more of this drug to feel the same effects they experienced earlier. This is a common experience, especially at the stage where the body has developed tolerance.

Intake of larger and more frequent doses of Concerta to obtain the same feelings as before is a clear indication of addiction. When this drug is used for a very long time, it leads to tolerance. In this state, the body yearns for large quantities of this medication to provide a sensation of euphoria, similar to the experience of those addicted to drugs like cocaine and heroin.

People who are addicted to Concerta may become capable of doing anything to get this drug, including stealing, shopping around for different doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions, buying the drug illegally, and so on. Concerta is a drug that is often used as a study aid in colleges and universities, and its use is common during examination periods when students read all night long, ‘cramming’ for exams. Concerta can produce feelings of alertness similar to those produced by large quantities of caffeine. Some addicts may fake symptoms of a disorder to obtain a prescription for this drug.

People who are addicted to Concerta may ditch their school, job, and other responsibilities to use this drug. Addicted users may experience side effects including mood swings and insomnia, depending on the amount of this drug that is in their system. Abuse of this drug can also lead to altered sleeping patterns. Other symptoms include panic, anxiety and aggression. Some addicts can also experience disorientation and irritability.

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