Concerta Abuse Signs

Concerta is a medication known by the generic name methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is the primary medicine in this drug and it is a stimulant that is normally used to treat (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Though its main function is to help those patients who are suffering from AHD, it has been established that this medication can also be abused. Increasing numbers of people have begun using this drug for recreational purposes.

Concerta is one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the modern world. This is because it has stimulating effects that makes its users feel alert immediately after taking it. Due the the drug’s ready availability, abuse of this substance has been increasing. There are a number of signs that are used to indicate the abuse of this drug.

Concerta produces feelings similar to those of cocaine when it is used for recreational purposes. Instead of simply taking Concerta orally, many abusers of Concerta practice snorting or injecting the drug. One of the signs that this drug is being abused is that more than the quantity prescribed is being used. After continued use of the drug, users will begin to develop a tolerance and to experience the same high as they did earlier, they will be compelled to take larger quantities of the substance.

Concerta Abuse Signs

Taking large quantities of Concerta will lead to users running out of the prescribed dose. Frequent refilling of a prescription should alert the medical personnel to potential Concerta abuse. Many people who abuse this drug will tend to ignore directions for use and instead use it compulsively. This can be extremely dangerous, particularly among those who combine this medication with other prescription medications. Additionally, some prescribed drugs are sold to other users in colleges and other learning institutions.

Changes in behavior can be another indication of Concerta abuse. People abusing substances generally do not do so in public places, and will seek places where they have privacy to administer the drug. Frequently avoiding contact with other people may hint at substance abuse. Some Concerta abusers may appear restless, unable to sit, busy, or sleepless.

Depression can be another indication of Concerta abuse. This is a withdrawal symptom that can become severe when abusers try to stop using this drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable, prompting abusers to continue using the drug rather than experience the uncomfortable sensations associated with stopping. In some extreme cases, abusers may become discouraged, depressed and contemplate suicide.

Other signs associated with Concerta abuse include homicidal expressions, paranoia, and reduced ability to solve problems. These are symptoms that may be particularly common in long-time Concerta abusers. Some of the signs of abusing this drug resemble those associated with cocaine abuse. Concerta abusers are essentially amphetamines abusers.

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