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Concerta is a prescription drug that was specifically manufactured to give hope to patients suffering from ADD and ADHD. This medication works by triggering the central nervous system, making users feel more alert. It is a very strong stimulant that is known to keep users alert for a very long time. Concerta will trigger the brain’s arousal system and cortex to keep one focused and increase concentration. This drug has chemicals that will trigger the dopamine transmitter to increase the production of dopamine, creating a sensation of alertness. When Concerta is used for a long time, it leads to addiction.

Concerta addiction comes as a result of experimentation, particularly by young adults who may be tempted to try it, and begin to depend on the feelings of pleasure it produces. This is a drug that is commonly used in tertiary learning institutions as a study aid. These feeling are what make this drug addictive.

Concerta Abuse

Concerta provides long-lasting stimulating effects that will keep learners alert for a long time. However, if it is used regularly in large quantities for a prolonged period of time, Concerta can lead to addiction. This is because users will develop tolerance and will need more of it to experience the same feelings. This is a clear indication of addiction.

Concerta is easily obtained, especially in colleges and schools. The cost of this drug is also relatively cheap compared with illicit drugs. Many students begin using this drug as a way of remaining alert while studying, and for its long-lasting stimulating effects. These feelings tempt many learners to use more of this drug. Legal use of this drug as prescribed by medical personnel is not harmful. When it is used illegally in large doses, it can lead to addiction.

Concerta is commonly abused through injecting, smoking or snorting. Once in the body, it provides a long-lasting feeling of stimulation and of floating in a world free of stress. Concerta is among the most highly abused schedule II drugs that are highly addictive.

The modern world has seen many people divert the use of this drug from medical use to recreational use. When used for recreational purposes, it provides abusers with a high that is addictive. The ready availability and low cost of this drug are among the factors that cause this medication to become highly addictive. This is a common medication, easily obtained from friends, family members, shops, pharmacies and from health centers.

Addiction to Concerta begins when this drug is used regularly in large quantities as a result of experimentation. Many people who are addicted to Concerta have attested that they found themselves developing an addiction after experimenting with this drug.

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